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Communications Forms

  1. Animal Services Public Event Request

    Animal Services, including Adoptions and Animal Control, are happy to come to events to do public outreach, adoption drives and... More…

  2. Interview Request Form

    This form helps the City of San Marcos Communications Department connect you with the appropriate person for your interview in a timely... More…

  1. Departamento de Policia de San Marcos Blue Santa

    IMPORTANTE: La entrega de juguetes sera el viernes,16 de deciembre 2016 de las 9 de la manana hasta las 2 de la tarde en la tienda que... More…

  2. Proclamation Request Form

    The Mayor of San Marcos issues proclamations for special community events and significant achievements of local organizations and... More…

CVB Forms

  1. Event Application

    This application process for the ALL events that are requesting in-kind support, monetary grants, and all mass gathering special events... More…

Economic & Business Development Forms

  1. Business Improvement & Growth (BIG) Grant Application

    This is an online application for to apply for the BIG Grant for Façade Improvements or Public Health.

  1. Small Business Counseling Program Interest Form

    This form is to register interest in the forthcoming Small Business Counseling Program. The Program is anticipated to begin in January... More…

Fire Department Forms

  1. Fire Station Group Tour Request Form

    To schedule a group station tour, please click on the link above and fill out the information. San Marcos Fire Department welcomes... More…

  2. San Marcos Emergency Services Access Update Form

    If you need to update emergency services, please use this form to update gates codes or access information to your address.

  3. San Marcos Fire Department Middle School Junior Fire Academy Application

    The San Marcos Fire Department is proud to announce its Junior Fire Academy Program for the summer of 2020. The camp will be held at... More…

  4. SMFD Firefighter / Firetruck Request Form

    To schedule Firefighters make a personal appearance to your school, daycare, or special event, please fill out the form below.

  5. Smoke Detector Program

    Free battery operated smoke detectors are available for residents in need that live within the San Marcos City limits. If you need... More…

  1. Ride-Along Program Request Form

    The Ride-Along Program provides an opportunity for citizens to experience fire service functions first hand. This policy provides the... More…

  2. San Marcos Fire Department Citizens Fire Academy Application

    Designed for adults ages 18 and older who either work or live in the City of San Marcos and meet program criteria, including a criminal... More…

  3. SMFD Commendation or Complaint Report
  4. SMFD Parade Request Form

    To schedule firetrucks to join in your parade, please fill out the form below.

Health Department Forms

  1. Feedback to proposed changes to Local Health Code

    The City of San Marcos values the input from our community. Please provide your feedback regarding the proposed changes to the Local... More…

Neighborhood Enhancement Forms

  1. Code Compliance Rental Unit Registration Form
  2. Fence Staining Rental Waiver

    Fence Staining Kit includes the following equipment: a Ryobi Portable Electric Pressure Washer, Magnum X7 TrueAirless Sprayer, Spray... More…

  3. San Marcos Helpers Service Request Form

    Form to take requests from seniors and individuals with disabilities in need of assistance with minor home or lawn maintenance or... More…

  4. Tree Trimming Kit Rental Waiver

    Use this form to rent the following equipment from the city of San Marcos Neighborhood Enhancement Department: a Tree Trimming Kit,... More…

  1. Curb Painting Rental Waiver

    Curb Painting Kit includes the following equipment: 1 set of number stencils, 1 can black spray paint, 1 can white spray paint, 1 can... More…

  2. Power Washer Rental Waiver

    Power Washing Kit includes the following equipment: a Ryobi Portable Electric Pressure Washer, Extension Cord on Roller, and Bucket.

  3. Short-Term Rental Ordinance Update Comment Form

Parking Forms

  1. Downtown employee verification questions - Employer

    Employer form to apply for the Employee Parking Program Pilot

Parks and Recreation Forms

  1. Activity Center Comments and Suggestions

    Let us know what you think! Please leave us your suggestions and/or comments in the form below.

  2. Amusement Vendor Request Form

    If you are interested in becoming an approved vendor in one of our parks, please complete and submit this form. A department... More…

  3. City of San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department Coaching Application
  4. Commemorative Tree, Bench, & Plaque Application

    Application for purchasing a commemorative tree, bench, podium plaque in the Cemetery Chapel, and Serenity Garden plaque.

  5. Discovery Camp 2021 Parent/Guardian Evaluation
  6. Fitness in the Park Permit Application

    A permit from the Parks and Recreation Department is required for anyone interested in operating a fitness/training program in a City... More…

  7. Open Public Event Application

    This form must be completed and submitted 60 days in advance of your desired event date if you wish to host a special event on City... More…

  8. River Shuttle Franchise Application

    Chapter 90 of the San Marcos City Code requires operators of River Shuttles to obtain a franchise in order to operate a River Shuttle... More…

  9. Senior Citizen Expo 2022 Pledge Form
  10. Spearfishing Permit Application
  11. Youth Services Special Event Survey
  1. Activity Center Visitor Registration

    Before using our facility, please fill out the following information. You must also check in with front desk staff to pay your daily... More…

  2. City Marshal and Park Ranger Conduct Report Form

    If we are to be successful in maintaining our cooperative and productive relationship with the public, it is important that we know... More…

  3. City of San Marcos Youth Activity Scholarship Application
  4. Contract Class Proposal

    Please complete this form if you are interested in proposing a contract class to be administered with the City of San Marcos Parks and... More…

  5. Existing Contract Class Proposal/Update
  6. Incident Report Form for Events (internal use only)

    Please complete this form after an event if there were issues that need supervisor attention. This form is for internal use only.

  7. Parks and Recreation Secret Santa and Birthday Fairy Participation
  8. Safety Management and ADA Compliance Plan

    This form must be completed and submitted 30 days prior to the event.

  9. Senior Program Participation Waiver
  10. Veterans Memorial Plaque Order Form

    Honor a Veteran by purchasing a plaque to be placed on the wall of the Hays County Veterans Memorial. Each plaque order has three (3)... More…

Planning & Development Services

  1. CDBG Mitigation Action Plan Feedback Form

    The City of San Marcos will receive more than $24 million in Community Development Block Grant Mitigation (CDBG-MIT) to fund mitigation... More…

  2. SMTX Neighborhoods
  1. Parking Fee-In-Lieu

    Code SMTX is proposing to incorporate a Fee-in-lieu for parking in Downtown San Marcos including all areas currently zoned T5-Downtown... More…

Police Forms

  1. Commendation, Complaint, Racial Profiling Complaint

    If we are to be successful in maintaining our cooperative and productive relationship with the public, it is important that we know... More…

Utility Customer Services

  1. Automated Meter Reading Opt-Out Request

    The City of San Marcos provides residential electric utility customers an option to have a manual Read Electric Meter installed to... More…

  2. City of San Marcos Electric Utility (SMEU) Renewable Energy Credit Program (REC)

    The new Renewable Energy Credit Program is Council-approved. The program begins May 1, 2021, and allows customers to purchase energy... More…

  1. Budget Billing Application

    This program is a monthly set amount based on previous 12-month bill history. Failure to maintain a good payment history will result in... More…

Veterans Forms

  1. Veterans Memorial Plaque Order Form

    Honor a Veteran by purchasing a plaque to be placed on the wall of the Hays County Veterans Memorial. Each plaque order has three(3)... More…