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Juan Veramendi Historical Plaza


  1. Benches
  2. Cabin
  3. Gazebo
  4. Parking


  • 3.8 acres

Rules & Guidelines

All park rules must be followed.

Please visit our Facility Rental page for additional information on gazebo rental. 

Historical Facts:

JUAN VERAMENDI HISTORICAL PLAZA PARK- San Marcos is located on land that was once a part of a Spanish land grant to Juan Martin de Veramendi, the colonial governor, in 1832. The "two League" grant included land on both sides of the River. The plaza that bears his name today was also a part of that original grant. In June 1970, the Urban Renewal Agency of the City of San Marcos purchased this property and began, with the Hays County Historical Survey Committee, a search into the property's past. The Urban Renewal Agency wished to recognize the rich cultural heritage of San Marcos by naming this plaza after one of the area's more illustrious citizens, Juan Martin de Veramendi. Juan Martin de Veramendi was born on December 17, 1778 and died on September 7, 1833.