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Purgatory Creek Natural Area


911 Marker Trail Map Explanation (PDF)


  1. Benches
  2. Bike Rack
  3. Information Kiosk
  4. Pet Mitt Dispenser
  5. Trails
  6. Vault Restrooms


  • Upper Purgatory - 1753 Valencia Way
  • Lower Purgatory - 2102 Hunter Road 

Lower Purgatory (Hunter Road) is the most popular trailhead and fills up quickly on weekends and Spring days. It is a destination for serious mountain bikers and trail runners looking for the technical difficulty of avoiding rocks and tree roots, as the trail is a natural surface, single-track. More than 12 miles of trail wind uphill to the Valencia Way trailhead. Popular trails are Dante, Beatrice, Ovid and Ripheus. 

Upper Purgatory (Valencia Way) is equally as popular, but its access is from a half-mile caliche road near the Craddock and Wonder World intersection. Popular trails are Dante, Paraiso and Malacoda, where Purgatory Creek has carved a large grotto into the limestone cliff. In addition to trail runners and mountain bikers, this is also a popular hike for bird watchers and nature explorers. An ADA trail was added in 2019 and is accessible via the Upper Purgatory trailhead. 


  • 1000+ acres

Rules & Guidelines

All park rules must be followed. For additional information on natural areas, including trail maps, visit our Natural Areas & Trails page.