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Posted on: September 22, 2016

Rumor: Resident are concerned about what appeared to be a kidnapping or hostage situation.

report excerpt

Fact: We looked into the concerns and our police department tells us the incident took place Monday night after patrons and employees of IHOP saw a man and woman arguing near a vehicle next to the Old CiCis pizza in Springtown Center. There was also another man near the arguing couple.

At one point, one of the men grabbed the female and pinned her against the wall of the building before trying to force her to get into the car. An employee from IHOP decided to intervene and approached the car just as the man was forcing the woman inside.

The IHOP employee then got into the vehicle with the man and woman and tried to remove the keys from the ignition. At that point the two men in the vehicle began to fight the IHOP employee and drove away with the employee in the vehicle.

After driving a short distance, the driver stopped the vehicle and allowed the IHOP employee to get out. The IHOP employee sustained some minor injuries from being punched.

The IHOP employee then got into his own car and began to follow the other vehicle while talking with San Marcos Police Dispatchers.  Ultimately, the car was stopped by police. The woman involved in the incident did not wish to pursue charges because the man she was arguing with was her boyfriend and was only trying to prevent her from walking home to New Braunfels.  She told police she was not physically harmed during the argument

The driver of the vehicle, 21-year old Kenjamen Thompson was arrested for Possession of Marijuana under 2 ounces and for Displaying a Fictitious Vehicle Registration.