San Pedro Cemetery


At San Pedro, the list includes Luis Rosales, a farmer and founder of the cemetery; Jose Valdez, farmer in the Center Point area from 1905 until his death; Irineo Torres, cemetery caretaker and president for more than 40 years until his death on July 7, 2001; and others.


At San Marcos-Blanco, the deceased selected for reflection include two of the five original founders, both farmers and ranchers during their lifetimes -Wyatt Newman, who died in 1906 at the age of 60, and James Langdon, who died July 4, 1930 at the age of 84 - and teacher and civic leader Katherine Hardeman, who was born September 18, 1900, and died February 11, 2001. Mrs. Hardeman was president of the San Marcos-Blanco Cemetery Association for many years and is credited with helping keep the cemetery together.

According to Vasquez-Philo, the San Pedro Cemetery gets its name from the original founder, Pedro Carrillo, according to old records held by Mrs. Elena Carillo Contreras, a granddaughter. A mutual society was formed in May of 1909, with Antonio Sanchez as president. Burials there began the same month.


Minutes of meetings held by the society, which numbered more than 300 in 1915, show a well-organized group. Dues were one dollar a year. The money was used for both up keep of the cemetery and to pay for burials for those who could not afford it. Records show that the officers of the association at the time of organization were Octaviano Carrillo, presidente; Agapito Valdez, vice presidente; Pablo de la Rosa, secretario; Jaun Garcia, pro-secretario; Ramon Rivera, tesorero; Felix Villanueva, collector; and Felix Mendoza, encargado del cemeterio.

Current officers in charge of San Pedro are cousins Tirso Torres, Toribio Torres and Ireneo Torres Jr., co-chairs; Helen Carillo Contreras, secretary; and John Torres, treasurer. Please note: This cemetery is not owned, managed or maintained by the City of San Marcos.

To reach San Pedro, take the Center Point Road exit off IH-35 and turn right on Old Bastrop Road. Go about two miles to the cemetery entrance, which is on the right.