Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood Services is a combination of several departments that provide education and enforcement of city codes. Our goal is to provide a safe and health environment in which to live and play.


Here is a breakdown of what each department is responsible for:
  • Animal Services - responsible for operation of the animal shelter, animal catchers
  • Code compliance - responsible for education and enforcement of city and state ordinances and law
  • Court Marshal - responsible for municipal criminal warrants, courtroom security
  • Fire Marshal - responsible for: fire investigation, new and existing building inspections, fire safety education/prevention, SRP
  • Health - responsible for plan reviews, inspections and permitting for the following: food service, commercial swimming pools, OSSFs, along with river sampling, raw sewage spills, grease traps, and rodent and vector concerns
  • Park Rangers - responsible for park code enforcement, provide medical first response, outdoor education programs