Neighborhood Enhancement

Neighborhood Enhancement is a combination of several departments that emphasize education, problem-solving, and targeted assistance within San Marcos neighborhoods to support sustainability, compliance with City ordinances, and improve the City's image.


Here is a breakdown of what each department is responsible for:

Animal Services - dedicated to protecting the pets and people of San Marcos; responsible for the operation of the animal shelter, animal control, reducing pet overpopulation, and community education.

Code Compliance - dedicated to helping residents and owners comply with City code; responsible for education and enforcement of city and state ordinances and law, including tall weeds, unsafe structures, junked vehicles, and more.

Environmental Health - dedicated to safeguarding public health and safety related to restaurants and public places; responsible for plan reviews, inspections and permitting for food service, commercial swimming pools, On Site Sewage Facilities, along with river sampling, raw sewage spills, grease traps, and rodent and vector concerns.

Neighborhood Vitality Team - Responsible for targeted assistance to San Marcos neighborhoods with an approach that emphasizes education and problem-solving to improve quality of life and image. Components of the Neighborhood Vitality Team include:

  • Resource Recovery - dedicated to providing an integrated solid waste system that includes recycling and compost programs, community clean-ups, household hazardous waste drop off and more. The Keep San Marcos Beautiful and community enhancement initiatives encourage litter prevention, beautification, waste reduction and sustainability.
  • ACT/Ally Program and Austin Tenant's Council aim to empower and educate residents on their rights and responsibilities.

WIC (Women, Infants, and Children Supplemental Nutrition Program)- Educate, encourage, and empower. WIC helps amazing families grow, one individual at a time. With nutrition education and healthy foods, families can meet their health goals.