Fire Suppression

2020 Year Shift Caledar - Union Provided

San Marcos Fire Department employs 66 professional firefighters who work 24 hours on/48 off on three shifts designated as A-Shift, B-Shift and C-Shift. San Marcos career firefighters are Civil Service governed by Chapter 143 of the Local Government code. 

Each shift consists of 1 Battalion Chief, 6 Captains, 5 Engineers, and 10 Firefighters.

The department has a Support Services Battalion Chief.

Click to view or print the 2020 Shift Calendar (PDF).

The responsibilities range from apparatus maintenance and repair, scheduling bunker gear inspection, cleaning and repair, equipment repair/replacement, and budgeting the ordering of new apparatus, tools and equipment to name a few responsibilities.

Fire and EMS Training Officer Battalion Chief is currently responsible for scheduling, tracking, administering, and developing training for all members of the department including EMS, Fire, and Hazardous Materials certifications.

There are 5 Fire Districts covering the City Limits of San Marcos, Texas. Fire Administration Offices are located in Station 5, at 100 Carlson Circle.

San Marcos Fire Department Organization Chart (PDF).

San Marcos Fire Department Organizational Chart February 2020