Citizen Police Academy

The San Marcos Police Department sponsors a Citizen Police Academy: A unique learning experience conducted by the Police Department and designed to give citizens a better understanding of the mission and operations of the department.

The 14-week course consists of one three-hour session per week. Participants will be introduced to the basic information that all police officers must know to perform their jobs, including such topics as patrol tactics, criminal and narcotics investigations, use of force, communications, officer training, DWI procedures, family violence, and juvenile law.

Alumni Association

Once a citizen has graduated from the Citizen Police Academy, he/she is invited to continue their relationship with the San Marcos Police Department by joining the San Marcos Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association (SMCPAAA).

CPAAA Logo - New

The SMCPAAA offers activities that assist the Police Department:

  • Volunteering at police sponsored community events
  • Obtaining special equipment
  • Providing meals for officers, communications operators, fire fighters, and EMS personnel who must work Christmas day

These are just a few of the many activities the organization offers.