Calls for Artists

Mural at Wonder World Park

The City of San Marcos supports public art and graffiti-abating murals through various grants. Calls for artists for projects will be listed below as they become available.

Call for Artist Qualifications: San Marcos River Park Art Installation

Submission deadline: May 2, 2022 at 5 p.m. Central

Project Summary

The City of San Marcos, Texas seeks to commission a permanent, site-specific, outdoor installation at Ramon Lucio Park in San Marcos near 555 Cheatham Street and in view of the spring-fed river.

The City of San Marcos is seeking professional artists/artist teams to submit their qualifications and statement of interest in completing this project.

 Project Objectives

    Activate an open space in this river park near recreational fields and a mixed-use path;

    Conceptually or visually incorporate the river;

    Support the City’s visitor and tourism industry by enhancing our inventory of public art  

Project Background and Scope 

The installation will occupy an area of 15’ x 25’ and must be contained within those dimensions. This is a high traffic area in the summer months, so the art must be durable and have no points or sharp edges than can pose a hazard to curious children and other park users. Furthermore, it must be made of a material that can withstand Texas summer heat and flood events.

Primary services that will be required from artist/artist team will include (but may not be limited to):

    Creative, schematic, materials and development phase of document presentation;

    Coordination with the City of San Marcos Arts Coordinator and other designated city personnel; 

    Participation in public meetings and presentations;

    Coordination and/or acquisition of all required approvals and permits for construction;

    Preparation and adherence to budget requirements;

    Obtain and maintain required insurance coverage for project development and installation as required by the City of San Marcos;

    Adherence to agreed upon timeline of completion;


The budget for this project is $70,000 and includes all costs associated with the project; including, but not limited to artist fees, architect/engineer fees, materials, installation, insurance, travel, fabrication, landscaping if necessary, permit fees, lighting, and ten-percent contingency.

Full details and submission instructions are listed in the Call for Artist Qualifications below.

Call for Artist Qualifications

2022 call for artist selections

  • Hopkins Traffic Boxes: Darla Bostick
  • Sessom Traffic Box: Jhonattan Arango

2021 call for artist selections

  • Downtown Traffic Boxes: Stephanie Riggs and Ann Tarantino
  • Downtown Outdoor Gallery: Sydney Bonnin, David Rey Perez, Rene Perez, Hannah Purvis, Christopher Al Rodriguez, Lisa McPike Smith, Furly Travis and Darin Wood

2020 call for artist selections

  • RR 12 Traffic Control Box Mini Murals: Ksenia Nation 
  • CM Allen Bridge Barrier Walls Mural: Felipe Gomez & Buddy Pajak artist team
  • Cheatham St. Bridge Barrier Walls Mural: Sarah Farah & Topher Sipes artist team
  • Bishop at Hopkins Street Traffic Control Box Mini Mural: Jake Prendez
  • McCarthy at Barnes Street Traffic Control Box Mini Mural: selection in process

2019 call for artist selections

  • Sessom Drive Retaining Wall Mural: Jake Wagoner
  • Conoco Gas Station Mural: Jennifer Khoshbin
  • Wonder World Mural: Christopher Rodriguez