Wallace Addition Water & Wastewater Improvements - 525

Project Name: Wallace Addition Water and Wastewater Improvements

Project Number: 525

Project Manager: Rohit Vij

Current Design Phase: PER

Construction Estimate: $15,225,000

Construction Start Year: 2025

Project Information: Initially, a water and wastewater improvements project, the Wallace Addition Improvements scope has been revised to include drainage improvements in the neighborhood and along Staples Road. The aging water and wastewater lines in the neighborhood were identified for replacement to fulfill the City Council goal of maintaining and improving the City's infrastructure. The water and wastewater improvements will include a 12" waterline replacement and a 4" water service line along Staples Road; an 8" water line replacement along Durango Street, Juarez Avenue and Tampico Street; and an 8" wastewater line replacement from Laredo Street to Tampico Street and Luciano Flores Boulevard. But recently residents in the Wallace Addition Neighborhood and the Bonham Prekindergarten School have reported flooding issues. Stormwater is overtopping an existing culvert at Staples Road and Broadway Street. To address these complaints the project has been revised to include the water, wastewater and drainage improvements be constructed at the same time.

wallace addition revised scope