Project Details

Grade Separation

This project will construct a grade separation along State Loop (SL) 82 (Aquarena Springs Drive) between West Laurel St. and Post Road over the Union Pacific (UP) Railroad (RR) track in the City of San Marcos, Hays County, Texas. Incidental work on LP 82 from Thorpe Lane to Charles Austin Drive would also occur with these improvements including the replacement of street signs, lighting, and paving.


The purpose of the proposed project is to increase area mobility and safety by providing a means for traffic to travel along SL 82 within the City of San Marcos without the current interruptions resulting from daily multiple train crossings.


The project includes constructing a bridge structure to span the existing UPRR to create an overpass which would provide two-12-foot travel lanes in each direction that would be flush with a four-foot wide median, and include five-foot outside shoulders and one-foot-wide concrete rails. Access roads would include a 12-foot inner lane and a 14-foot outer lane in each direction with six-foot sidewalks.

Designer Renderings