San Marcos' Annual Heater Drive Heats Up

This holiday season SMTX Utilities is working to make sure everyone in San Marcos is warm with the second annual Winter Heater Drive in full swing. Donations are still being accepted and go toward providing heaters to members of the San Marcos community who are in need. 

 While this is the second year that SMTX Utilities has partnered with the Salvation Army for the heater drive, Salvation Army staff have been filling the need with a heater drive for several years. 

 “We are very thankful for the City’s outreach and all the donors that have responded,” said Salvation Army Service Manager Lisa Cruz. “This has been a great partnership... we look forward to continuing to help the community and doing the most good in San Marcos and Hays County.” 

 Cruz said the Salvation Army’s goal during the heater drive is to help members of the community who may not have heat in their homes as temperatures start to drop. 

 “Their heaters may have gone out or they may not have one,” said Cruz. “They may have very low income to no income and cannot afford to replace or buy one.”

 Director of Utilities Tyler Hjorth said he is proud to provide members of the community a source of warmth.

  “Many participants don’t have the income to purchase a heater,” said Hjorth. “If we can help provide one, then our work is done.”

 Residents looking to help can purchase a heater from the official SMTX Utilities Amazon wish list or provide monetary donations through Stripes, the online payment portal. Donations will be accepted through Thursday, November 30. San Marcos residents interested in receiving a free heater must contact the Salvation Army San Marcos at 512-754-8541 to get on the wait list.  

Winter Heater Drive