Mobility and Connectivity

A man and woman riding an electric scooter in Downtown San Marcos.

The City of San Marcos improves neighborhood and regional connectivity to provide a safe, convenient, and efficient multimodal system for goods, services, and people of all income levels and abilities to move throughout the City.

  1. Multimodal Transportation System

Outcome statement: Develop a diverse transportation system to improve multimodal connectivity and capacity by implementing the Transportation Master Plan.

I. Maintain and coordinate the thoroughfare plan within the Transportation Master Plan with CIP projects.

  • Roads and cross sections are incorporated into new developments. These are referred to in the CIP when scoping new projects.

II. Implement multimodal Transportation Master Plan recommendations.

  • Continuing Complete Streets assessment of all roadways as outlined in the 5-year Street Maintenance Plan. Craddock Avenue has been completed.

III. Increase multimodal transportation options, participation, and use. 

  • Updated Letter of Intent that was shared with TxDOT Aviation for the Runaway extension and other airport projects.
  • Public Works has increased marketing for the Downtown electric shuttle and Employee Parking Pilot Program.
  • The SPIN contract for dockless electric scooters has been approved for the third consecutive year. 
  1. Bicycle, Sidewalk and Trail Systems
  1. Transportation and Traffic Operations
  1. Public Transit