Construction (Over $50,000)

Affidavit of Payment of Subcontractors

Affidavit of Payment of Subcontractors (PDF): This form is used to verify that all subcontractors and material suppliers have been paid in full and the contractor has no outstanding claims. The contractor will submit one original notarized document. Form is located in your project manual. Must be submitted with the final payment request.

Change Order Form

Change Order Form (PDF): If changes are necessary in the scope of work, the contract price or the contract time, the consultant must advise the Project Manager. With the Project Manager's approval, the consultant will prepare a Change Order that includes three original documents. These original documents must either be mailed or hand delivered. The net amount of all change orders cannot increase the original contract price by more than 25%. The City can't decrease the original contract price by more than 25% without the Contractor's approval.

Consent of Surety

The Consent of Surety form releases the bond company from liability and allows them to recognize that the project is complete. One original Consent of Surety will be submitted. Must be submitted with the final payment request.

Construction Contract Checklist

The Construction Contract Checklist is completed by the Architect/Engineer and submitted to the Purchasing Division prior to starting the bidding phase of the construction project.

Contractor Payment Requisition

Contractor Payment Requisition (PDF): The Contractor Payment Requisition form is required for submission of payment. Invoices are submitted typically once per month. Refer to your contract for invoice restrictions. This form must be notarized if no liens have been filed for the project. An original document is required along with the breakdown of bid items, percent compete and amount due. Email submission is accepted for all payment request except final payment.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit (Accounts Payable Direct Deposit ACH Request) (PDF): The Finance Department offers direct deposit for your convenience. Fill out the Direct Deposit form and email to Accounts Payable. If you have any questions, contact Accounts Payable at 512-393-8170.