Sessom/Academy Drainage/Street Improvements

 Project Description: 

This project will address the area along Sessom Drive from Yale Street to Comanche Street that experiences localized flooding issues. Currently there is a storm drain running through private property that the City will abandon, and improvements will be made to alleviate flooding of adjacent properties. The proposed drainage design will incorporate Drainage Master Plan projects. 

In addition to the drainage improvements, the following infrastructure improvements will be completed as part of this project:

  •  Water and Wastewater lines will be replaced along Academy St and Sessom Dr from Holland St to Comanche St. 
  • Academy St and Sessom Dr between Yale St and Alamo St with sidewalks will be reconstructed. 
  • San Marcos Electric Utility (SMEU) old poles will be replaced/relocated to the right-of-way (ROW).

Traffic operations and safety along Academy St and Sessom Dr and at Academy St/Sessom Dr, Sessom Dr/Comanche St and Sessom Dr/LBJ Dr intersections will be improved by implementing multi-model improvements for cyclists and pedestrians including:

  •  A 10’ shared use path; Sidewalks on north and south side (within project limits)
  • New Traffic signal at Sessom/Academy intersection
  • Pedestrian crossing and pedestrian push buttons at Sessom/Academy intersection
  • Improved intersection geometry for safe traffic operations
  • A wider sidewalk in front of TxState Student Recreation Center
  • Bike lanes for cyclists

Project Schedule:

  •  Design Phase Completion: March 2021
  • Bidding Phase Completion: August 2021
  • Construction Phase Completion: October 2022

 As part of this project, San Marcos Electric Utility will be trimming/removing some of the trees located on the east side of Academy St between Yale St and Sessom Dr to relocate overhead electric lines. SMEU will complete this task by January 2021. If you have any questions regarding this project please call 512-393-8130 or email

Sessom at Academy Drainage