Airport - Taxiways Alpha and Charlie Reconstruction

Alpha and Charlie Taxiway Improvements-Exhibit

This project will reconstruct the two most frequently used taxiways at the San Marcos Airport. Taxiways Alpha and Charlie were constructed in the 1940's when the airport was a military installation and are in need of heavy rehabilitation. 

The City contacted TxDOT Aviation in 2015 to help fund the improvements. The state agency assists cities and counties to obtain and disburse federal and state funds for reliever and general aviation airports included in the 300-airport Texas Airport System Plan (TASP). The division also participates in the FAA State Block Grant Program, through which it implements a federal improvement program for general aviation airports.  

This project includes:

  • Replacement of approximately 184,000 Sq ft of concrete (50 ft. x 3,680 ft.) of Taxiway Alpha
  • Replacement of approximately 95,500 Sq ft of concrete (1,910 ft. x 50 ft) of Taxiway Charlie
  • Replacement of taxiway markings and signage
  • Possible upgrades to taxiway lighting system  

Project Status and Schedule

  • Plans complete to 95 percentage stage
  • Plans will be 100 percent complete by end of 2020 
  • Construction is anticipated for late FY 2022 at an estimated cost of $10.8M, pending award of federal discretionary funds