iNaturalist Bioblitz

For the whole month of September, the Discovery Center will be hosting a bioblitz as part of the National Recreation & Parks Association’s “Parks for Pollinators”. A bioblitz is a citizen science initiative that aims to collect large quantities of species data (observed plants, animals, fungi etc.) in a short amount of time. Citizens can participate through the app iNaturalist and the site area is the entire city of San Marcos! This means that river parks are off limits, however, the natural areas, neighborhoods, and backyards are all fair game. Visit this link to view the project details.Using_the_iNaturalist_app_in_the_field

When: 09/01/2020 - 09/30/2020

Where: City of San Marcos, excluding the river parks. Follow this link to view a map.

How: Download the free iNaturalist app to make observations and contribute to the project. Follow this link for video tutorials.

Why? With many of us at home, it's the perfect time to learn about the plants and animals in your area! Now you can learn, while contributing to actual scientific data through the iNaturalist app. 

Teachers: This bioblitz presents a teaching opportunity that is interactive and can be totally virtual! Follow this link for an extensive guide for using iNaturalist in a classroom setting.