Wallace Addition Offsite Drainage Improvements

Wallace Addition Offsite Imp Location Map

Project Description: 

In 2018 a feasibility study of drainage improvements to the Wallace Addition Neighborhood was initiated to identify improvements required to mitigate flooding within the subdivision. As a result of this study, it was determined that the existing Cape Road channel and the Staples Road ditch and associated culverts do not have adequate capacity to convey stormwater from a 25-year storm event. 

The proposed project will include Cape Road Channel improvements and up-sizing the existing culvert, diverting the Staples Road ditch drainage via a proposed culvert under Staples Road and a channel along the Fish Hatchery property. The proposed improvements will alleviate surface runoff and localized flooding issues currently experienced in the neighborhood.


Project Schedule:

Design Completion: March 2022

Bidding: August 2022

Construction Completion: September 2023