CDBG-DR Action Plan

HUD requires the City of San Marcos to complete an Action Plan for Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds. The plan, including any amendments, will outline how the City of San Marcos is using CDBG-DR funding to help the community recover from the May and October 2015 floods. Click the image below to see the Action Plan.

Community Input

The City of San Marcos takes steps to ensure that Action Plans align with the needs of the community. Development of the CDBG-DR Action Plan included opportunities for citizen input and additional input will be collected on any amendments to the plan. Click here for a summary of community outreach.

Action Plan

ActionPlan_Amd10_final 1
  1.                      Announcing! Proposed Amendment 11 to the                              Disaster Recovery Action Plan

 Please see the Notice for a summary of the proposed changes and how to provide your comments.

 To see the actual wording of the proposed changes, click on the links below:

Action Plan with Amendment 11

Appendix I

Thank you for participating in our flood recovery process!

Action Plan Amendments