Flooding - Preparation & Clean Up


Planning is a vital part of fighting a flood. Your planning should include knowing how to protect your family, property and livestock. You also need to know where you would go if you are forced to evacuate, how you would get there and what you would take with you.

Food & Supplies

You may have to survive on your own after a flood without electricity, gas, water, and sanitary or phone service. You'll need enough food, water and other supplies to last at least three days.

Or you may have to evacuate quickly, and you won't have time to shop or search for the essential supplies to take with you.

Keep Food Safe

A power failure during a flood means you may have a limited supply of water and no heat, refrigeration or a way to cook food.

To make sure your food is safe, keep fridge and freezer doors closed, and choose foods that cook quickly if you don't have much heat for cooking.