Help us make San Marcos a Monarch Champion City by planting gardens for monarch butterflies! Follow this link for more information about the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge. “As monarch butterflies lose natural habitat as a result of development, they need substitute resources on their migration” says Melani Howard Watershed Manager for the City of San Marcos. Monarchs migrate across the continent every year, and the challenge is to improve their habitat by providing food and shelter throughout the city.

We are inviting every resident in San Marcos to participate in a competition to create beautiful, monarch-friendly gardens. Prizes will be given to the first, second and third place gardens. Prizes include a Monarch Watch waystation certification, (3) one gallon plants of your choice from the Discovery Center, five gallons of compost or a half pound bag of vermicompost, and community recognition as the most beautiful monarch gardens in San Marcos.

To register follow this link

Registration deadline is April 24th and judging begins May 1st

Have questions? Email or call 512-393-8327

monarch milkweed

Rulings will be determined based on the judges criteria scoring on the MiGreat Challenge Rubric. Here are the five grading categories: 

1. Design: This link provides great information for starting a butterfly garden. 

2. Five or More Native Nectar Plants: (Clearly labeled for easy ID) Things to consider: Are there plants blooming spring, summer, and fall? Does this flower shape attract butterflies?

3. Two or more Native Milkweed Present (Tropical Milkweed doesn't count): Here's a list of Milkweeds recommended for Central Texas. Milkweed seed can be purchased online, or live plants can be purchased from the Discovery Center or the LBJ Wildflower Center.

4. Sustainable Management Practices: How do you care for the soil? What kind of fertilizer or soil treatments do you use? Do you have more exotic species than native species?

5. Pest Management: How do you deal with pests? Do the products you use adversely affect other insects or wildlife? Here are two websites that will help you deal with pests in an eco-friendly way: Save Our Monarchs & Butterfly Website