Location of Survey

Through discussions with the Historic Preservation Commission and City Council, the City identified both a reconnaissance survey area and a windshield survey area. A Reconnaissance Survey is a detailed inventory of all historic-age properties within an area or community and includes taking photos of all historic-age buildings. The reconnaissance survey area includes all seven of the local historic districts, downtown, and the area immediately south of the Texas State University campus. A Windshield Survey is a driving survey through a community to determine the character and feeling of an area. It includes taking photos of representative examples of historic-age properties to convey the characteristics of the area. The windshield survey area encompasses a largely residential area north of the campus.

For a downloadable PDF of the historic resources survey boundary, click HERE.

After discussions with the Historic Preservation Commission and consultants, the project has been divided into two phases. Phase 1 are priority areas defined by the City contained within the Reconnaissance survey boundary that have seen the most development pressure. 

For a downloadable PDF of the Phasing Map, click HERE

Historic Resources Survey Boundary