Sessom Creek Improvements Phase 1

In 2013, the City hired RPS Espey to evaluate Sessom Creek from Canyon Road to Aquarena Springs Drive. In this report, RPS Espey identified several conceptual level solutions. The highest priority project, according to this report, is to relocate the exposed wastewater trunk main in Sessom Creek from N.LBJ to Canyon Road.

The project consists of the following improvements:

• Sessom Drive Sanitary Sewer – the replacement of up to approximately 1,800 linear feet of 12-inch sanitary sewer line from N. LBJ Drive to Canyon Road along Sessom Drive.

• Canyon Road Water Line Relocation – the lowering of up to 60 linear feet of 12- and 12-inch water lines currently exposed within Sessom Creek.

• Sessom Creek Restoration Project: Project Survey and Coordination – The Sessom Creek Restoration Project will be designed by John Gleason, LLC in a separate contract with the Edwards Aquifer Habit Conversation Plan (HCP). However, Kimley-Horn will provide topographic survey for the design.

In addition to the wastewater replacement, this project originally included the repair of two (2) drainage sites, repair of damaged sections of Canyon Road, and stabilizing two (2) water main crossings. When the HCP learned about the City’s wastewater project, they asked if the City would consider stabilizing Sessom Creek within the limits of the wastewater project. City staff agreed if the HCP paid for the additional design and construction. The HCP also agreed to incorporate the non-wastewater improvements into their design if the City will contribute the previously budgeted funds of $500,000 towards the Sessom Creek Restoration project.

The City and HCP agreed upon this final scope for the Creek Restoration Project:

• Stabilizing Sessom Creek from N.LBJ to Canyon Road to prevent sedimentation from entering the San Marcos River

• Repairing two (2) separate drainage outfalls along Sessom Drive and Sessom Creek

• Repair sections of Canyon Road that have been damaged by Sessom Creek

The HCP has budgeted $1.5 million towards the Creek Restoration Project. They City has budgeted $500,000 towards the Creek Restoration Project and $2.2 million towards the Sessom Creek Wastewater Replacement.

Both the Sessom Creek Wastewater Replacement Project and the Sessom Creek Restoration Project will be combined and bid under one contract.

Construction should occur in 2019.

Sessom Creek Imp Overview-ScopeOfWork