Art in Progress

San Marcos is continually growing into a vibrant and diverse arts and cultural scene. Here is an overview of what's happening right now in our city and what's to come in 2018.

Mermaid March

This project was funded by the San Marcos Arts Commission in 2017 to create a walk-able path of art enhancing tourism in the downtown area of San Marcos. 10 Mermaid Statues were hand painted by local artists and are due to be placed downtown in 2018.

The call to artist was posted in multiple sites including on our main Call to Artist page.

The Arts Commission completed a nation-wide call for artists to design a kinetic Texas Blind Salamander sculpture.  They also completed a Texas-wide call for artists to design a Texas Wild Rice Sculpture.  The goals for these designs are to create sculpture that beautifies San Marcos, promotes tourism, and highlights endangered species existing solely in the San Marcos River.

The final Texas Kinetic Blind Salamander Sculpture will be placed in the City’s sculpture garden located in front of the San Marcos Activity Center.  The top two designs were created by artists Robertus Van der Wege from Dallas, Texas and John King from Riverhouse Studios in Lyons, Colorado.

The top two designs for the Texas Wild Rice Sculpture were submitted by artists Joe Barrington from Red Star Studios in Throckmorton, Texas and Christopher Lattanzio from Dallas, Texas.  This sculpture will be placed near the San Marcos River.

Four artists were chosen to present their detailed proposals and to-scale maquettes for public discussion.   The models were on display at the San Marcos Activity Center on Monday, Nov. 13, 2017, and the public had a chance to meet the artists and discuss their designs. Here's are interviews with the four finalists. The call to artist was posted in multiple sites including on our main Call to Artist page