Bond Projects

San Marcos voters approved bonds in an election on May 6, 2017 that included two separate propositions for public safety and library projects. This comprehensive dashboard will provide the most current program progress and costs of these projects. See below for more detailed information about each project.

Public Safety Proposition

Police Department Renovations (Capital Costs $5.5 Million)

This project consists of:

  • Renovating the existing 911 center
  • Adding security and perimeter fencing
  • Renovating the parking and improving drainage
  • Replacing existing HVAC equipment
  • Creating new offices in the police station

Holland Fire Station Number 2 Relocation (Capital Costs $5.2 Million)

This project will:

  • Replace the 63-year-old structure that the station has occupied since its opening in 1954 and relocate the station to a new site at Wonder World Drive and Old Ranch Road 12.

Highpointe Fire Station Number 8 Construction (Capital Costs $4.5 Million)

In 2016, the City Council negotiated with a developer to contribute $2.5 million towards the cost of an additional fire station on the east side of IH-35.

The $4.5 million in capital costs listed above is the City's share of the new facility and new fire apparatus.

Fire Training Field (Capital Costs $2 Million)

This facility will allow San Marcos Firefighters to conduct training, including but not limited to:

  • Residential and high rise live fire training
  • Rope and trench rescue
  • Confined space rescue
  • Vehicle extrication
  • Fire, police, and EMS integrated response training

San Marcos Library Expansion Proposition

The Library Expansion (Capital Cost $14.5 Million)

The project will:

  • Increase the size of the library by 29,000 square feet creating additional meeting rooms, classrooms and enclosing the children's room
  • Renovate the existing 27,000 square feet of the facility, which was built in 1992, and replace the original carpet and furniture
  • Provide a drive-through book drop
  • Expand the library's parking lot
  • Meet the recommended standards set by the American Planning Association. The American Planning Association library standards recommend 0.7 square feet per capita. San Marcos Public Library currently provides 0.4 square feet per capita. The expansion would provide 0.83 square foot per capita, meeting the requirements for serving a future population of 80,000.