Andres Barrientos

Title: Animal Services Clerk/Dispatcher
Phone: 512-805-2655
Andres (Andy) Barrientos holding a dog close to his face

Andres (Andy) Barrientos is a Clerk Dispatcher at the Animal Shelter. He has an Associates in General Studies and is one year away from completing his degree in Business Administration. Andy has worked with animals professionally since 2007, and has worked with the San Marcos Animal Shelter since 2009. His greatest strength is his endurance, seconded only by his odd humor.

Obviously he likes dogs and cats, but he also loves frogs, beta fish, and hummingbirds. Outside of work Andy enjoys reading, eating, drinking coffee, hiking the local trails and kayaking. He believes all things come in due time and to persevere. Andy would like everyone to know that his ultimate goal is to one day open a coffee shop/outdoor venue where he can hold adoption events. He's hoping to sell goodies to people and pets alike. 

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