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Open Public Event Application

  1. This form must be completed and submitted if you wish to host a special event on City park property.  

  2. *Your application must be submitted 60 days before your event

    *Please make sure your setup and cleanup time is included in your event time

  3. Nature of event:*
  4. Will alcohol be sold at this event?*
  5. Will alcohol be present at this event?*
  6. Will food or beverages be sold at this event? Please note that any food/beverages present at your event REQUIRE a permit (Environmental Health: 512-393-8440).*
  7. Will food or beverages be present at this event? Please note that any food or beverages present will require a permit (Environmental Health: 512-393-8440).*
  8. The Parks and Recreation Department will review your application and a representative will contact you in 5-7 business days.
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