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1. Is a Certified Food Manager Certificate required? How long does it last and how much does it cost?
2. Can the City hold certification classes for Certified Food Manager and Food Handler?
3. What are the regulations for allowing direct sell from local produce farms to a food establishment? (Farm to table)
4. Can the City host workshops to go over TFER requirements and allow additional comments?
5. When will a rough draft of the proposed City Ordinance changes to Chapter 18 be available?
6. Where can I find the guidelines for Farmers Markets and the Cottage Food laws?
7. Is there an exception for Fixed Food Establishments to obtain a Temporary Food Establishment Permit for events?
8. Are Mobile Food Units required to obtain a Temporary Food Establishment Permit to take part of an event?
9. Is the TFER inspection report Quick Reference available for reference?
10. Why do Mobile Food Units have to move each day and will this requirement change if parked in an established Food Truck Park?
11. Is a Temporary Food Establishment Permit required for contestants participating in a judging contest? Can samples be given with or without a fee?
12. Why does a Food Handler have to be present at the booth where food is being prepared and not just available?
13. Are events associated with SMCISD exempt for obtaining a Temporary Food Establishment Permit and paying the associated fee?
14. Will the limitation on number of Temporary Food Establishments issued to an organization or person apply to SMCISD concessions or other non-profit organizations?
15. Who falls under the exception or umbrella for the SMCISD government agency status?
16. Will a committee be formed to discuss ordinance changes and who will be allowed to be on the committee? Can those chose not to be on the committee still provide input?
17. Can the City host an online forum for the City of San Marcos Food Industry?
18. What is the estimated timeline for having the City Ordinance Changes approved by Council?
19. Will a survey go out to all stakeholders requesting input?
20. What is HACCP and is every establishment required to submit a HACCP plan?
21. How can an establishment submit a variance requesting a modification or waiver to one or more requirements of TFER?
22. Committee: Why does a Mobile Food Unit have to apply for a Temporary Food Establishment Permit if associated with an event?
23. Committee: Can City change the proposed TFE maximum number of permits from 6 to 8 while leaving the 84 day requirement?
24. Committee: The Temporary Food Establishment breakdown will assist persons in maximizing their permits, as long as a fee difference is implemented.
25. Committee: Can the City consider an exemption for SMCISD sponsored events taking place on SMCISD property?
26. Committee: Texas Food Establishment Rules posting of Permit, Certified Food Manager, and inspection report requirements to be left as stated in the most current state rules.
27. Committee: Request to remove posting requirement on Drive Thru window.
28. Committee: Is a Certified Food Manager required for each location and can that responsibility be shared with different establishments?
29. Committee: Require pushcart mobile vendors to meet Texas Food Establishment Rules standards and consider size requirements.
30. Committee: What are Mobile Food Unit Sign Requirements?
31. Committee: Can City maintain Central Preparation Facility Database and have available to prospective users?
32. Committee: Will there by changes to Farmers Market requirements?
33. Committee: Why is a Mobile Food Unit required to visit their Central Preparation Facility daily?