Why were Neighborhood Districts created?

Neighborhood Districts were created to replace our current options for medium and high density residential or neighborhood commercial development in existing neighborhood areas.  Regulations in Neighborhood Districts are tailored to focus on compatibility, scale, and use in a more detailed and refined way than in undeveloped areas or preferred growth areas on our Comprehensive Plan. Our current zoning districts need to be replaced because they were designed to accommodate each development type the same way regardless of the location.  For example, our current multi-family zoning district (MF-24) has the same standards whether it is located on Old Ranch Road 12, IH 35 or Springtown Way.  Our Comprehensive Plan says that each of those areas should be developed differently and we need to tailor zoning districts to be appropriate in each of these areas.  Click here to find out more information about the specific feedback received through the process that led to the creation of neighborhood districts.

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1. Why were Neighborhood Districts created?
2. Where are the new neighborhood zoning districts located?
3. If I live in a single family home within a predominantly single family area what changes will I see with the adoption of Code SMTX?
4. What are neighborhood districts?