Is there an age limit to apply?
Yes, you must be at least 18 years of age and not over 35 years of age on the date of the entrance examination.

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1. Do I have to have a high school diploma or GED to apply?
2. Do you have/host a fire academy?
3. Can I pick up an application now?
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5. Do you take applications throughout the year?
6. Can I transfer my state fire certification from another state to Texas?
7. Will I get paid more if I have a degree?
8. If I am already a certified Firefighter, will I have to go through firefighting training?
9. Do I have to be a certified Texas Firefighter?
10. Do I need to be a licensed paramedic to take the Civil Service Exam?
11. Is there one civil service test for all the cities in Central Texas?
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13. Can I volunteer as a firefighter in the City of San Marcos?
14. Where can I find general certification FAQs from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP)?
15. Is there an age limit to apply?
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