Parks & Recreation


401 E Hopkins
San Marcos, TX 78666



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Name Title Email Phone
Baldwin, Kevin Athletic Program Specialist 512-393-8457
Bonin, Bobby Facilities Maintenance Worker 512-393-8277
Brazell, Katelyn Youth Services Specialist 512-393-8274
Chappell, Conrad Discovery Center Attendant 512-393-8327
Cobb, Rodney Executive Director of Community Services 512-393-8402
Farmer, Vernon Athletic Program Specialist   512-393-8280
Hatt, George (Trey) Arts Coordinator 512-393-8416
Howard, Melani Habitat Conservation Plan Manager 512-393-8448
Latham, Holly Activity Center Attendant, Lead   512-393-8280
Mach, Jennifer Special Events and Marketing Coordinator 512-393-8413
Marler, Catherine Youth Services Coordinator 512-393-8249
McKenzie, Sandy Administrative Coordinator 512-393-8408
McMillan, Joshua Activity Center Attendant   512-393-8280
Medina, Dominic Athletic Program Coordinator 512-393-8285
Merritt, Richard Athletic Program Manager 512-393-8284
Montemayor, Daniel Facility Events Coordinator 512-393-8401
Morris, Lisa Recreation Programs Manager 512-393-8409
Murillo, Christie Administrative Assistant 512-393-8418
Pence, Jason Construction Projects Manager 512-695-0503
Ramos, Jessica Youth Services Manager 512-393-8283
Riali, Nick Senior Program Coordinator 512-393-8275
Stratemann, Bert Parks Operations Manager 512-393-8454
Supak, Lane Aquatics Program Coordinator 512-393-8287
Venable, Jimmy Parks Maintenance Supervisor 512-393-8400
Weeks, Eric Habitat Conservation Plan Specialist 512-393-8325