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Posted on: March 28, 2018

Bike boxes repainted downtown for increased bicycle safety

The bike boxes downtown have recently been repainted to help increase bicyclist safety.

The green areas on N. LBJ at the intersections of Hopkins, Hutchison and University are called “bike boxes” and are designated areas where bicyclists can stop at the intersection before proceeding through or turning.

The bike boxes were first marked last spring and have provided cyclists with space in designated intersections to stop and safely turn.

What is a bike box?

Bike boxes are a new kind of on-street marking that help motorists and cyclists share the road.

Bike boxes are used at intersections to designate a space for cyclists to wait in front of cars at the red light, and to proceed first when the light turns green.

What do bike boxes mean for motorists?

At red lights, drivers must stop at the stop line behind the bike box and allow cyclists to go first through the intersection once the light turns green.

When turning right on a green light, the driver should remember to check for cyclists before making the turn.

What do bike boxes mean for cyclists?

When the traffic signal is red, cyclists enter the bike box from the bike lane.

As a cyclist, you should position yourself at the right, left, or center of the bike box, depending on the direction you want to travel. If you are turning, remember to signal.

Why is the City painting bike boxes on our roadways?

Bike boxes make intersections better for everyone. When bikes clear the intersection ahead of cars, they are more visible and less likely to get stuck squeezing around a right-turning vehicle.

For more information, contact the City of San Marcos Engineering Department at 512.393.8130.

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