Pet Preparedness

Animal Protection & Safety

  • Always bring pets indoors at the first sign or warning of a storm or disaster. Pets can become disoriented and wander away from home in a crisis.
  • Be sure to get your pet microchipped in the event your pet is lost in a disaster. The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter offers pet microchipping.
  • Build a separate emergency kit for your pets
  • Create a list of places that accept pets if an emergency happens (kennels, hotels, emergency shelters)
  • If your pet is lost please check the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter at 750 River Road or call 512-805-2650.
  • Include your pets in your emergency plans
  • Make sure all pets wear collars and tags with up-to-date identification information. Your pet's ID tag should contain his name, telephone number and any urgent medical needs. Be sure to also write your pet's name, your name and contact information on your pet's carrier.
  • Make sure and keep digital records and/or pictures to identify your pet after a disaster in case you become separated