Residential Permit Parking

The San Marcos City Council passed a Residential Parking Permit Ordinance to amend the Code of Ordinances of the City of San Marcos to authorize the Traffic Engineer to designate permit only parking along City of San Marcos streets. The ordinance was a result of citizens' requests to regulate uncontrolled commuter parking practices in their neighborhoods. The purpose of the Residential Permit Parking (RPP) Program is to mitigate adverse and chronic levels of commuter or non-resident parking along streets with adjacent residential properties.

Generally, on-street parking is a beneficial function of a roadway. Parking issues can occur in residential areas where adjacent or nearby land uses do not provide an adequate supply of off-street parking for their associated parking demand. Typical land uses that may cause overflow parking in residential areas include, but are not limited to, educational facilities, special event centers, medical centers, retail and entertainment centers, and major transit stops/stations or park-and-ride facilities.

Residents in areas that have significant on-street commuter or spillover parking may have concerns about the availability of parking for themselves and their guests, traffic safety, emergency vehicle access, and impacts on delivery and other basic services.

Addressing Quality of Life Issues

The implementation of RPP is to address primarily quality of life issues; issues regarding safety or mobility may enjoy some degree of relief due to RPP, but they along with nuisance or security issues are more appropriately addressed through other means or programs.

The desired outcome of RPP is to increase the amount of on-street parking available to residents and their guests while balancing the needs of others who desire to park along the street. The program does not guarantee or assign specific spaces for specific residents. Vehicles parked in designated RPP parking areas during the restricted hours are subject to being ticketed if they do no properly display a valid parking permit, even if the vehicle is owned by a resident.

Where to Obtain Permit

Residential Parking Permits can be obtained at City Hall (two story building behind City Hall proper) Electric Utility Office at 630 East Hopkins in San Marcos.

Program Documents