Fixed Food Establishments


All of these requirements must be met before a permit will be issued:

  • All food must be from approved sources. (proper labeling) (selling or preparation of food products at a private residence is prohibited)
  • Completed application and Environmental Health final inspection.
  • Connection to public sewer with an in line grease trap installed.
  • Covered trash receptacles.
  • Enclosed facility with smooth and easily cleanable surfaces.
  • Food handler's training certificates for all employees (issued by the City of San Marcos)
  • Hand-washing sinks with soap and towels. (Conveniently located to food prep, cooking and ware washing activities)
  • Hot and cold potable water under pressure at all plumbing fixtures.
  • Hot and or cold holding equipment.
  • Proper sanitation of all food contact surfaces.
  • Restroom facilities with soap and single use towels.
  • Three compartment sink or two compartment sink and a mechanical dishwasher. (plumbed with an indirectly connected drain)
  • Utility or mop sink (cleaning purposes, fitted with a vacuum breaker)