Boards & Commissions E-O

  1. Economic Development Board

    The Economic Development Board provides advice to the City Council on economic development matters and policies.

  2. Ethics Review Commission

    This commission oversees the application of the City of San Marcos Code of Ethics concerning conflicts of interest, ethical conduct and financial disclosures of City officials and employees.

  3. Historic Preservation Commission

    This commission recommends, promotes and approves the appropriateness and integrity of the 7 existing historic districts designed by the City of San Marcos.

  4. Housing Authority

    The board advises the City Council on ways to provide better housing for low income families, eliminating substandard housing, and uplifting and encouraging self improvement of the community's low income families.

  5. Human Services Advisory Board

    The purpose of this board is to develop and enhance human services in San Marcos. The board makes recommendations to City Council for funding to human services agencies.

  6. Library Board

    This board provides advice to the City Council for continued development and improvement of the San Marcos Public Library.

  7. Main Street Advisory Board

    This board advises and recommends to the City Council the goals and priorities for the Main Street Project.

  8. Neighborhood Commission

    This commission provides advisory body to the City Council, other commissions and staff to seek solutions to common problems and issues.