Training Division

The San Marcos Police Department became a TCOLE approved training provider in 1989. This was done so that the department could provide continuing education for our own officers in-house. In 1993, San Marcos PD applied to TCOLE and gained accreditation as a full training academy. This allows the San Marcos Police Department to train our own people as well as those from outside agencies in continuing education as well as certification courses.


We have 1 full time training coordinator whose responsibilities include:
  • Assure compliance with all TCOLE regulations/rules and Training Academy Rules
  • Coordinate all training activities for 95 commissioned and 31 civilian personnel, including:
    • State mandated training (Legislatively required)
    • Assignment specific training
    • Career development training
    • City/Department mandated training
  • Locate and host training seminars for our personnel
  • Hold training advisory board meetings (3 civilian and 9 employee members).
  • Maintain detailed training records
  • Maintain and coordinate the use of classrooms, driving track (SMPD + 10 other agencies), and firing range (SMPD + 24 other agencies)
  • Test, evaluate, and acquire equipment
  • Maintain the Physical Readiness Room (Gym)
  • Maintain all weapons systems

Additional Instructors

Although there is only 1 full time coordinator, the San Marcos Police Department has many great instructors among their ranks who instruct classes on a part time basis in addition to their other full time duties. These instructors include:
  • Defensive Tactics: 6
  • Driving: 4
  • Firearms: 14 (all are handgun/shotgun with 6 specialized in rifle and 2 in low-light techniques)
  • Less-lethal projectiles: 6
  • OC/Pepper Spray: 4
  • Police Bicycle: 2
  • PTOs: 10 (these are Police Training Officers who provide one on one on-the-job training for 15 weeks for new hires)
  • SFST/Intoxicated Drivers: 2
  • Taser: 5
  • Plus others

Tcole Requirements

TCOLE mandates that every Texas Peace Officer receive 40 hours of continuing education every 2 years. The San Marcos Police Department has committed to doubling this required amount so that every San Marcos officer receives, minimally, 40 hours of training every year. Most surpass that mark yearly.

Recent Academy Statistics

September 2013 - August 2014

  • 89 classes
  • 700 students
  • 9,749 contact hours of instruction

September 2014 - August 2015

  • 87 classes
  • 537 students
  • 5,872 contact hours of instruction