03-30-23 SMFD Newsletter #8

03-30-23 CMO Newsletter 8

SMFD Newsletter #8

2023 TFCA Annual Conference

The 2023 Texas Fire Chiefs Association Annual Conference wrapped up this past week in Waco, TX. This 4-day conference saw over 300 participants who were able to attend over 32 breakout sessions that covered a variety of topics including: Leadership in the Fire Service, Comprehensive Wellness, Diversity and Inclusion, EMS, Quality Improvement through Continued Education and Training, Fire Prevention, Fire Station Construction, Firefighter Sleep Health, Strategic Decision Making, and Fire Service Budgeting and Finance led by SMFD's own Chief Stephens. 

Active Attack Training

Chief Standridge of the SMPD was on-site at Fire Station 5 over the course of three days to discuss the SMPD's Active Attack Policy with the fire crews. This was a discussion and training on how the FD and PD will need to integrate to address any potential future incidences involving active attack. 

Kenneth Copeland Challenge

The 5th Annual Kenneth Copeland Challenge was held at Fire Station #5 this past Saturday, March 25th, 2023. This annual challenge kicked off with the first event which consistedof a half-mile run, 8 tire flips, burning 20 calories on a stationary bike, completing a 75 lb. farmer's carry, 20 wall balls, and concluding with a 1000M row. Event 2 started off with a 15 minute row while team members completed a circuit of 20 step-ups, 15 push-ups, 50 lb. medicine ball shoulder toss, and 5 burpees. These events were point-based with the highest point accrual determining the winning team

7 teams representing DPS, SMFD, SMPD, Buda PD, and EMS were all on hand to compete for top honors, with the SMFD team taking home a first-place win! Way to go, team!

The SMFD team consisted of Firefighters Joshua Iselt, Tanner McLean, Chad Irving, and Brock Becker.