Extension cords are commonly used by many people in various situations.  But, they can overheat and cause fire and injury when not used properly.  

  • Use extension cords only temporarily
  • Never plug an extension cord into another extension cord
  • Inspect the cord before and after usage to ensure the cord is undamaged.  Discard those with breaks, tears, exposed wires, or fraying
  • Throw away any cord that feels hot or if there is a softening or melting of the plastic
  • Verify the extension cord wattage capacity is high enough for the item plugged into it
  • Use a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet when outside
  • When using outdoor tools and appliances, use extension cords equipped with an inline GFCI and labeled for outdoor use
  • Never staple or nail through an extension cord
  • Do not run cords across walkways, doorways, or other areas where people walk
  • Store extension cords in a dry location
Extension Cord Amp Limits