Friends of Trees

What is Friends of Trees?

The Friends of Trees program began in 2018 as part of a city-wide initiative focusing on tree care activities around playgrounds in neighborhood parks. Healthy trees provide shade and encourage citizens to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. The project differs at each site and activities may include pruning, planting trees, spreading compost, spreading mulch, removing ball moss, root collar excavations, and/or root pruning.

What are we doing now?

Current Friends of Trees efforts involve improvements to the health of the trees located in and around the City’s riverfront parks. Urban trees experience considerable stress, such as soil compaction and lack of organic matter. Volunteers are helping to mitigate these issues. When park trees are healthy and thriving, the overall health of the community improves as well.

What do volunteers do?

Knowledge grows in value as you share it with others. Our volunteers get hands-on experience learning how to properly care for trees. This knowledge extends to the volunteer’s home, where tree care practices can be replicated and shared. City parks are educational portals, teaching those who visit valuable information in healthy tree detection and proper tree care practice.

How do I volunteer?

Dates, times and locations of volunteer opportunities can be found on our Sign-Up Genius website.

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  1. Kelly Eby

    Urban Forester

Friends of Trees