Rental Property Housing

Eligibility Requirements

  • Property located in 100-year flood plain.
  • Single Family 1 to 4 units.
  • Ownership – Both current and at time of flood.
  • First-come-first-served basis Must be current on all debts (property taxes*).
  • Must have received substantial damage or been destroyed as verified by Damage Assessment.
  • Compliant with prior event National Flood Insurance Program requirements and all duplication of benefit requirements.
  • Uniform Relocation Act requirements will apply to rental property applicants that have tenants at the time of application.
  • The rental property owner must certify that the rental property unit(s) will be rented to low to moderate income households for a period of five to twenty years depending on the amount of funds expended on the project.

*If property taxes are not current, applicant must document that one of the following alternatives will be met:

  • The property owner qualified for and received tax deferral as allowed under Section 33.06 of the Texas Property Code;
  • The property owner qualified for and received a tax exemption pursuant to Section 11.182 of the Texas Property Code; or,
  • The applicant entered into a payment plan, and is current, with the applicable taxing authority.