Changes to Human Service Agency Applications

Updated February 27, 2020: Organizations in San Marcos that wish to apply for the city’s Human Services Funding should be aware that beginning in 2020, the application process and timeline has changed.

Under the new process, applications will be due in August; previously they were due in February each year.

The Human Services Advisory Board, which makes funding recommendations to the San Marcos City Council about this program, is currently reviewing and discussing changes to the process.

More detailed information about the application process and new timeline will be provided on this page in the coming weeks. Information will also be shared on social media and sent to local news media outlets.

HSAB Application (PDF)

HSAB Application (WORD)

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Major milestones for the application process will be as follows (more detail will be added as the board makes decisions about the program):

  • August – applications due
  • August to November – Interviews
  • December – funding recommendations to City Council
  • January – first funding payment
  • May – second funding payment
  • September – final funding payment

As a reminder, the San Marcos City Council annually allocates monies from the General Fund to assist programs of local social services agencies. City funding may not exceed 50 percent of the funding sources for applicants.

The Council also allocates Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding to agencies through a separate process. It is the City’s policy that each program can be funded during any fiscal year from only one City funding source, so agencies may submit only one application per program to the City funding source of their choice. An agency may submit applications for multiple programs to the same funding source. For questions, please contact Christina Tureaud at 512.393.8170.