Guadalupe St Improvements - University to Grove

Public Hearing - June 24, 2019

The City of San Marcos Capital Improvements and Engineering Department, in conjunction with the Texas Department of Transportation, held a Public Hearing Monday, June 24 at the San Marcos Recreation Hall, 170 Charles Austin Drive.

The public hearing was about the proposed improvements to Loop 82 (Guadalupe Street). Exhibits of the proposed plan were on display at the hearing and can be viewed here.  The presentation from the hearing is linked here. 

The proposed plan includes striping from University Drive to Grove Street to include bike lanes, sidewalk improvements along the east side of Guadalupe between MLK Drive and the railroad tracks, and signal improvements at intersections along Guadalupe Street to accommodate cyclists.

City Engineers, TxDOT Engineers, and Maestas & Associates, LLC, the firm consulting on the project, were on hand to take comments and answer questions. The hearing was an opportunity for the public to receive an update on the project, as well as information regarding the effects of the project on Guadalupe Street and adjacent businesses. 

Written comments will be accepted for 15 days following the hearing. Comments can be delivered either in person or by mail to the City of San Marcos CIP/Engineering Department, 630 E. Hopkins Street, San Marcos, Texas 78666, or emailed to Written comments must be received by July 9, 2019, to be included in the public hearing summary. 

Project Description

Guadalupe Street and LBJ Drive currently form one-way couplet between Grove Street and University Drive in downtown San Marcos. LBJ Drive and Guadalupe Street are classified as major arterial roadways in the 2004 Transportation Master Plan. While LBJ Drive is a northbound street, which accommodates various cross-sections between Grove Street and University Drive, Guadalupe Street is a southbound street with cross-sections ranging from 3 southbound lanes and adjacent parking to 2 lanes and no parking.

In accordance with the priorities of the newly developed Transportation Master Plan, the City is currently working on design plans for Guadalupe Street from University Drive to Grove Street to promote multi-modal operations by providing a safe environment for bicycles and pedestrians.

Project Scope

The project scope includes the development of a design plans for S. Guadalupe Street from University Drive to Grove Street. Schematic Phase will involve access management (driveway integration for the corridor), street parking layouts, sidewalk improvements, incorporation of bike lane along the corridor, bike signals along the corridor, design of Pedestrian/Bike crossings at the UPRR tracks, coordination with UPRR, water quality features at railroad tracks and MLK Drive., pavement marking and signage layouts, and incorporation of planned development along the corridor.

The project is divided into 2 phases to coincide with TxDOT Mill and Overlay project. TxDOT is planning to mill and overlay Loop 82 from University Drive to IH35. TxDOT mill and overlay project is scheduled for June/July 2019.

Phase 1 of the Guadalupe Street Improvements project will include striping from University Drive to Grove Street including bike lanes and the parking layout; sidewalk improvements along Guadalupe Street (east side) between MLK Drive and Railroad Tracks; signal adjustment and/or improvements at the intersections along Guadalupe Street to accommodate cyclists; and a Gateway sign at the Guadalupe Street/Grove Street intersection.

Phase 2 of the Guadalupe Street Improvements project will include an update to the striping plans for Guadalupe Street from MLK Drive to Grove Street; pedestrian/bike crossing design at the railroad tracks; sidewalk improvements along Guadalupe Street; drainage improvements at the railroad tracks and MLK Drive; and any CIP waterline projects in the area. 

Phase 1 Key milestones:

Design Phase Completion                            : May 2020

Bidding Phase Completion                           : January 2021

Construction Phase Completion                   : May 2021                                                                     

Phase 2 Key milestones:

Design Phase Completion                            : October 2021

Bidding Phase Completion                           : March 2022

Construction Phase Completion                   : November 2022                                                             

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