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The Only Positive Identification for Your Pet is You

The City of San Marcos Animal Shelter is the regional shelter for Hays County, City of Kyle, City of Buda and City of San Marcos. We accept lost and surrendered pets from citizens and all pets impounded by Animal Control Officers for these jurisdictions. We receive hundreds of cats and dogs every month.

The lost and found reports are only a reference for the public. All pet owners must come to the animal shelter to look for and identify a lost pet. Do not rely solely on this report to find your pet.

Many animals have a very similar description - given the number of animals that are brought in to the shelter everyday, it is extremely difficult for others to identify them for you.

The City of San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter and staff is not responsible for contacting citizens regarding lost and found animals. However, we will make every attempt to contact owners if the pet has a tag or microchip.  This page is a tool to assist you in locating your pet if it is not at the animal shelter.

Holding Times

The holding times for animals are from 0 to 5 days, depending on the animal’s condition and temperament and jurisdiction of impound. At the end of the holding time, the animals become property of the City of San Marcos and will be dispositioned as needed.

If you know your animal is at the shelter you must go to the shelter within the holding period to identify the pet. If your pet is lost, please be sure to visit the shelter every 3 days or more often if possible. While this may present an inconvenience to some, we hope that the public understands the enormity of the number of animals that come and go on a daily basis.

Reports Expire

Please Note: Lost and found reports are posted on the Internet and visible to the public. All reports expire after 30 days.