1. Backflow Prevention

    Federal and State regulations require public potable water supplies to adopt rules to prevent contamination in their water systems. To comply with these mandates, the San Marcos City Council has adopted an ordinance, the Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program, to protect the City’s potable water supply from contaminants back-flowing from a customer’s water system.

  2. Grease Traps (FOG Program)

    In 2008, the City of San Marcos began participation in the Sanitary Sewer Overflow Initiative (SSOI) program, a voluntary, proactive program that attempts to reduce sanitary sewer overflows.

  3. Sewer Surcharge Program

    The purpose of the San Marcos Sewer Surcharge Program is to reduce excess amounts of oxygen demanding substances in our waste water system. Grease, oils, and food waste are just some of the substances that clog up sewer lines and place a heavy load on the wastewater treatment plant.

  4. Water Conservation

    Water is a precious resource - it provides tourism, recreation, habitat for endangered species, and drinking water for a rapidly growing population. To insure this resource will be available in the future, each of us must strive to use water as efficiently as possible and to become water-wise consumers.