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My Historic SMTX

The City of San Marcos is conducting a historic resources survey in efforts to identify and document historic-age resources (50 years of age and older) and help develop recommendations to help the City make decisions about historic resources for future planning and development initiatives. Beginning November 2018, surveyors will begin work within designated areas.

What Are Historic Resources?

Historic resources can be districts, sites, buildings, structures and objects that are significant in American history, architecture, archeology, engineering and culture.

What Is a Historic Resources Survey?

A historic resources survey is:

  • A systematic method of documenting historic resources through fieldwork and research.
  • Fundamental to historic preservation because it results in the identification of historic resources.
  • Helps determine which of those resources should be preserved.
  • Can be essential in shaping local ordinances, guidelines or downtown master plans to protect these resources.
  • The main purpose of completing a local survey is to gather the information needed to plan for the wise use of a community's resources.

Source: Texas Historical Commission

Historic resources surveys have been conducted in San Marcos the past. Previously surveyed areas are documented in three prior survey reports: the 1992 City of San Marcos Historic District Survey (PDF), the 1996 Historic Resources Survey of the Dunbar and East Guadalupe Neighborhoods (PDF) and the 1997 San Marcos Heritage Resources Survey (PDF).

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What Does a Historic Resources Survey Do?

A historic resources survey will provide guidance on historically and culturally significant resources in the City that can be used for future policymaking. A historic resources survey does not :

  • Impose any restrictions or obligations on property owners.
  • Provide historic designation for any property.
  • Require access to the interior of any property.

Who Will Be Doing the Survey?

The City of San Marcos has contracted Hicks and Company Environmental, Archeological, and Planning Consultants of Austin, Texas, to complete a historic resources survey for the City. A sub-consultant on the project will be Terracon.