Fall Vegetable Workshop - September 5, 2018/ 6:00pm

Interested in growing vegetables and herbs during the cold season? Join Alex as she introduces cold hardy plants that will thrive thru the fall and survive Texas winters. Learn which plants tolerate the cold and what crops to harvest. Take the opportunity to ask questions and make new friends at our fall workshop here at the Discovery Center. Registration is required to attend. Register Here.

Why Invasive Species are Bad- September 15, 2018/ 9:00am

Join Hans Landel, an invasive species specialist with the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center, as he introduces invasive plants in Central Texas and what you can do about it. This workshop is a day long event that will cover topics such as plant identification, management practices, an introduction to an invasive species app and much more. There will be a 45 minute lunch break where you can bring a sack lunch or visit a local eatery near by.  Limited seating so you must register to attend. Register Here.

Ferment, Pickle, and Preserve- September 19, 2018/ 6:00pm

Learn how to best preserve your seasonal crops at this workshop. Gain new techniques and advice on pickling and jaring your home grown vegetables and fruits. The first 10 members who sign up will receive a sample of Alex's home made scoby. Registration is required to attend so sign up fast! Register Here.

Monarch Watch- September 26, 2018/ 6:00pm

Meet Cathy Downs, a representative of Monarch Watch. Learn how to get involved with citizen science, how to raise monarch butterflies, and why they are on the verge of being listed as threatened. Learn the importance of pollinators like the monarch butterfly and what you can do to help preserve this unique species. Join us as we help turn San Marcos into a monarch haven. Registration is required to attend. Register Here

Tree Pruning with Purpose- October 10, 2018/ 6:00pm

Meet the cities urban forester and learn techniques on how to properly prune your trees! Learn techniques and tips on how to shape trees for aesthetics and safety. Have a question about tree care and maintenance? Here is your chance to ask them! Limited seating so sign up quick. Register Here.