Volunteers In Police Service

The Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) program is open to graduates of the San Marcos Citizens Police Academy.  The program is modeled after the national VIPS program, and our mission is to support and enhance the police department by performing duties that enable the officers and staff to fully concentrate on public service.  Our volunteers develop valuable relationships with other volunteers, police officers, police staff members, and the San Marcos community.


Front Desk Administrator    Fingerprinting
Accident Reports                Incident Reports  
Lost Property Reports        Blue Santa          
Research Projects              National Night Out
Station Beautification         Research Projects
Transport Police Vehicles   Administrative Support                                                    

  1. Charlotte Lund

    Volunteer Coordinator
    Phone: 512-753-2133

  2. Laray Taylor

    Community Services Corporal
    Phone: 512-754-2270

  3. Rich Mizanin

    Eves B Platoon Sergeant
    Phone: 512-754-2205