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Mermaid Pet Costume Contest

The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter is proud to participate in this year's Mermaid Splash with a Mermaid Pet Costume Contest! The contest will be featured during the Mermaid Aqua Faire, September 16, at San Marcos Plaza Park. More information about the Aqua Faire can be found here.

Mermaid Costume Contest Rules

1. Submissions will be divided into two categories: Dogs/Puppies and Cats/Kittens/Small Animals. 

2. The San Marcos Animal Shelter will be taking in-person submissions from 10:00 AM until Noon. Photographic submissions can be submitted with a second picture of the contestant with the pet out of costume to prove ownership and original costume.

3. The fee for entry is two items from our donations needs list:

  • Kitten food - canned
  • Puppy food - dry & canned
  • Milk replacer - kittens
  • Dog Food - canned
  • Dog Food - maintenance
  • Cat Food - dry 
  • Laundry detergent
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Dog & cat treats
  • Hand towels & wash cloths
  • Cat & Kitten shampoo
  • Blankets and small beds

4. All entries will be photographed for a display that will be released at 12:30. 

5. Each entry will be assigned a jar. Votes for entries will be cast by financial donations in the corresponding jar. Voting will be held from 12:30-4:00. 

7. The jar with the highest donation total will be named the winner. All proceeds will go towards the San Marcos Animal Shelter Guardian Angel Fund. Winners will be announced at 5:00. 

Questions about the contest and rules can be directed to: lvolpe@sanmarcostx.gov.